How To: Make A 2×4 Wooden Coffee Table

2x4 Wooden Coffee TableLooking for an easy piece of furniture that will clean up the look of your bachelor pad? This simple DIY project will turn a few boards into a sturdy memorable piece of furniture.   I spent quite a bit of time living life as a bachelor, and my furniture was exactly what you would expect for 3 guys and a couple of couch surfers. A few broken down chairs and some busted up coffee tables didn’t really lend to a clean-cut feel. I wish I would have found this 2×4 Wooden Coffee Table project back then, because I sure could have used the upgrade.Finished Table

The folks over at A Beautiful Mess put together this simple (and cheap) project that turns a stack of 2×4 boards into a stylish polished coffee table that just looks dynamite. Take a look at the project and build details over at their site.