How to Make the Ultimate Masculine Office Space: 9 DIY Desk Design Ideas

I recently had to move my desk at my design firm to a new space in the building and it got me thinking about how minimal—totally empty and sad—my desk space was. At the time I had a picture of my wife, a few books and a pencil holder.     So, I took it on myself to update my desk space to be more inspiring and reflect my personality a bit more! Here’s a great list of products, projects and ideas to spruce up your workspace.

1. DIY Desktop Moss Garden

Add a lush green landscape to your desk with a small moss garden. Even if you don’t sit by a window, a moss garden will grow just fine and add some color to your cubicle.

2. Natural Leather Mouse Pad

Just when I thought mouse pads phased out with Windows 98 I found this amazing idea from Ugmonk. Add some real style with a vegetable tanned natural leather mouse pad. It starts out as a natural tan color and darkens as you use it. 

3. A Water Bottle

If you’re anything like me, you accidentally drink more coffee than water on a typical workweek. I picked up an easy to clean, easy to fill, water bottle to set by my computer. I found that I drank more water from a water bottle than a glass of ice water. I highly recommend you give it a try!

4. A Classy Letterpress Desktop Calendar

I know we all have a calendar on your phone and your computer, but it’s awfully easy to quickly glance at a calendar when you need to know what date next Friday is. I love this letterpress and bamboo desktop calendar from Iskelter.*WdLmDvCw6xwSCLDHTj_DgQ.jpeg

5. DIY Bluetooth Audio Speaker

Sometimes, you just gotta get those itchy headphones off your ears. Having a small speaker system at your desk might be just what you need when your ears need a break. Medium contributor @kthornbloom breaks out how to build the audio components for a sleek desktop speaker system. This is definitely the next thing on my personal DIY projects list!

6. A Vintage Electric Clock

I was gifted a sweet vintage look-alike clock a while back (not the one pictured), but I already had a bedside clock I trusted, so I brought it to my office. I get compliments on it all the time! Not to mention, I can quickly see what time it is without squinting at the clock on my desktop computer. Check out ebay or Etsy or estate sales for some seriously good vintage clock finds.

7. Desktop Figurines 

Let me just say there’s nothing wrong with having toys on your desk. Be it action figures, tin robots, koosh balls or a Simon Says, I think we can all use some fun on your desk. I recently purchased this figurine set from the Invisible Creature Design Studio. I mean, look at those dudes. There’s plaid and mustaches and a Sasquatch. What more could I need? Check out sites like Think Geek and Archie McPhee for some great ideas.

8. A DIY Desktop Lamp and Holder

Not only does it hold a few pens and pencils within reach it has a great looking lamp too! If you decide to do this project, I might recommend a very low wattage bulb so it doesn’t hurt your eyes all the time.

9. Wood Block Multi-Photo Holder

I love this product from Artifact Uprising. Using their app, you can upload 12 of your favorite photos to be printed on high-quality card stock and mounted on a simple wood block holder. It’s a great way to display some of your family pictures of instagram favorites.