Picture This: David Waelder Makes Some Seriously Awesome DIY Art Frames

Someone great has been growing in the shadow of Jimmy Diresta for a while, and he’s really starting to put out some amazing videos of the projects he tackles around the shop.Drilling Frames Here’s a look at some innovative ways to make the simple picture frame.  

While most of the time picture frames are meant to protect and display art and photos, the design and finish of the frame can add so much to the overall piece on your wall. Without a stylized frame, that picture just isn’t going to have the same effect. So, picking the right style to make your photos stand out takes some thought, creativity, and a bit of DIY all at once. In this two part series, David Waelder walks us through crafting, then finishing a variety of frames for some of his prized photos:

Here’s part 2 of the series as well. I’m amazed at how using common shop items these look so great.

FYI, these videos are not a safety first type post, please observe shop safety and don’t operate machinery without all proper precautions, guards, pushsticks etc. The massive bandage on his finger attests to the need for safety in the shop!