A Beer Glass with a Mountain in It

Mt Hood North DrinkwareMost of us get a bit disappointed when the glass goes dry. But these new pint glasses from North Drinkware make it awesome to drain that drink and see what’s at the bottom.   These handblown glasses from North Drinkware based in Portland, Or. have an interesting feature that really make them stand out. Molded into the bottom of the glass is a USGS 3D rendering of Mt. Hood. This nod to the beautiful peak adds a distinctive and interesting feature that caught my adventurous attention and inspired me to become a kickstarter backer (they’re well over the goal numbers with a little over a week to go).Glass Blowing the Drink Ware

At $40 or so each, you really have to love them to drop the coin; but handblown adventure doesn’t come cheap. One day when they cast Mt. Shasta, I’ll definitely be at the front of that line. At that point, I may drop the $600 and go to their studio to cast my very own.