10 DIY Ideas to Stay Occupied While You’re Snowed In

10 man-made snow day projects

This week they're predicting record-breaking winter storms in my area which means, aside from braving my drive to and from work, I'll be stuck inside. So, instead of heading to the grocery store for bread and milk I'm headed to the hardware store to get some supplies to keep myself busy under the snowpack.

Here's a list of 10 projects you could do in a day or two. Some take care and attention to detail and others will prove beneficial during these cold months. Either way, you'll definitely keep yourself busy!

Tartine Bread Recipe

1. Make bread

This time-consuming recipe is certain to keep you warm. Especially when you have to cook it at a ripping 500 degrees! Here's our ManMade guide to the whole process.  We still love this technique. It has such a great flavor and the method of making the bread is methodical and calming.

carve your own spoon

2. Try your hand a spoon carving

I started spoon carving during the winter of 2014. I bought a hook knife and a small axe and went to work on a few nice pieces of firewood. It's a great indoor hobby. I'd recommend a vacuum too, it does make quite a mess! Check out this video tutorial on basic spoon carving to get you started.

3. Print your Instagram Pictures

Take this opportunity to get your favorite pictures off your phone and onto paper. Check out websites and apps like printstagr.am or Snapfish that will allow you to print straight from your phone.

4. Binge-watch Shameless

All but the current season is on Netflix. This is a smart, different way to look at family. I particularly like that it doesn't pretend like the abstract concept of being part of a whole is the value, but rather focuses on the individual relationships among each person that creates a whole. These people don't want what's “best for the family.” They want what's best for the people they love. At least give the first season a shot; it's worth your time. 


5. Make Your Own Emergency Snow Prep Kit

If the snow is piling up there's a chance the power might go out. Get ahead of the game and make your own emergency candles. You can also assemble one to keep in your car so you're prepared for getting stranded. Here' s a great kit list from Ready Wisconsin. I bet they know how to handle the snow! 

7 winter movies

6. Watch Some Winter Themed Movies

Embrace the cold and bundle up with these seven movies based on your favorite time of year. “Your” is subjective, of course.

7. Make a Scrap Wood and Leather Serving Board

Raid the cutoff bin and turn it into something worthwhile. David's full how-to is here. 


8. Make Some Pantry Essentials

Start a batch of vanilla extract or turn some wine into vinegar while you're stuck at home.

9.  Waterproof a Jacket Before You Head Into the Snow

Check out this tutorial on applying wax to a canvas coat.

10. Render Some Fresh Pork Lard

It'll make everything you eat this winter taste better. And if you do it right, it can be healthier than butter.