One Thing You’ve Probably Never Changed in Your Vehicle…But Really, Really Should

created at: 05/20/2015

Before I headed out on a short road trip this weekend, I did a quick checkup on my car. I had been having some issues with my engine rattling when my air conditioning was on. I'm really not much of an auto-DIYer, but YouTube has certainly helped me become a better mechanic than I once was!

After digging through some forums, a few people mentioned that I may want to check my cabin air filter. It's a small filter, usually hidden behind your glove compartment, that cleans the air coming into your car from your A/C unit. I pulled out my car manual, found the filter, pulled it out and this is what I saw:

dirty air filter

 This, my friends, is at least 5 years of gross (as long as I've owned the car). I know that I have never replaced this thing, nor has any mechanic or dealership I've ever taken it to. I almost puked after seeing all the grime, bugs and debris caked on this filter. My compressor was working so hard I think I broke it because I never replaced this thing.  

You can bet I immediately got a new one. The results were almost instant, my rattle was gone and my car smelled fresher than I remember. 

I know this isn't a typical ManMade post, but I felt like it was a friendly PSA to check your cabin filter. Get a fresh filter from your local parts store and follow the instructions in your vehicle manual for cabin filter replacement (it's probably behind your glove box). While you're at it, pick up a new air freshener!