Weekend Project: Give a Kettle a Hardwood Makeover

Here’s an interesting take on a makeover project. Ben took his Hario gooseneck kettle, noted its striking shape, and decided the black plastic handles would like quite a bit better in a bold solid walnut.

And? He was totally right.   

Even if you’re not interested in recreating walnut handles for a kettle you probably don’t own, this project is interesting for two reasons: It shows there can be seriously interesting transformations by adding little handmade or textural touches. And Ben’s technique for shaping the parts is really interesting; rather than cutting the shapes out with a band or jig saw, Ben used a series of sanding drums and carving burrs in his drill to create the rounded shapes. Which, of course, demonstrates you can cut non-square small parts without having to invest in something like a bandsaw. Don’t know how long it took him, but its a neat technique. 

See the full project at Homemade Modern: Coffee Pot Upgrade