How to: Make a Sturdy Pair of Folding Saw Horses

Saw horses are some of the oldest work holding and support systems, and they still do a great job, centuries later. But now that they compete for precious shop space with stationary power tools and lumber storage and modern workbenches, it can be hard to find floor space to keep a pair on hand.

created at: 02/06/2015

Answer: don't store them on the floor.    Lumberjocks member Rex B. took some inspiration from fellow member Canexican’s popular Shopdog design, and crafter some simple, yet sturdy, folding sawhorses from 2x4s and some 3/4″ stock for the braces. He added a taut line hitch knot on the braces, which will pull closed, clamping the top (removable) 2x, avoiding racking or unnecessary movement under weight. The French cleat system allows them to be hung on the wall for storage until they're needed.

Rex doesn't provided an actual step-by-step tutorial, but his pictures detail the process, and these can easily be built in an afternoon. If you'd like a measured drawing, you can purchase plans from Canexican at

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