Tiny House Tour: Evan’s Rustic, Timber-Filled Shelter

Tiny House

The tiny house movement has been gaining so much steam in the last decade that it’s easy to parody, but I’m continually blown away by the innovative and stylish decor people come up with.   

Tiny House Huckberry recently profiled Evan Kinsley, an adventurer and building extraordinaire, about his process and slow foray into building his own tiny house, and the photos are spectacular. As an arborist, Kinsley had an eye toward sustainability and so the floor is made either out of inexpensive woods like bamboo and cork, while the rest of the house is built from beetle kill pine (the leftover wood from trees that have been killed by the mountain pine beetle) giving it a unique look. Tiny House In a house this tiny, aesthetics alone are never enough; everything must have a purpose (and usually multiple purposes).

Tiny House Kinsley is sort of testing the market to see how these tiny houses will fare (the one pictured is currently for sale), and then hoping to build a couple a year moving forward. Click here for the link and get inspired!