Jan 09, 2015

Make This: Homemade Wood Butter

Wood ButterWhen it comes to cooking in the kitchen, I still like my wooden tools. Using spoons and cutting boards made from wood feel great, and even though they may not improve my cooking skills they make me look better doing it.   I recently installed a hard maple countertop on my kitchen island, and immediately had to research how to keep it looking good. Even though we use cutting boards for prep work, I just couldn't justify conditioning the wood with any type of chemical polishes as it's the primary place we gather to eat in our house. This easy to make Wood Butter from Gemma Gardner is a great natural wood conditioner that keeps your kitchen wood looking good and safe to use with food. Beeswax pictureThe recipe only requires beeswax and coconut oil for an easy to apply polish that rubs on smooth and keeps the wood looking it's best. Take a look at her tutorial for all the details and some more great pictures of the process.


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David on Jan 30, 2015:

Gemma, thanks for the great tutorial! As I keep building pieces for the home, the less chemical mess I have to use the better!

Gemma on Jan 29, 2015:

Thanks for mentioning my wood butter! :) Hope it keeps your maple countertop looking great. I've been using it on the reclaimed wood furniture in my living room, works a treat. Nice website!

David on Jan 12, 2015:

Alex, Guess you can't go wrong with all natural ingredients! What's your recipe for the pommade? I'm just about out and would love a recommendation!


AlexMJ on Jan 11, 2015:

This is the exact same recipe I use for my homemade pommade. Basically beexwax+cocount oil is a good combo to put on ANYTHING to make it look and feel nice, haha