My Year Will Be Excellent – 2015 Resolutions

Top Of The World

As we look back on an exceptional year, it’s only fitting to look ahead and dream about what lies before us. Here are my 2015 resolutions.  

1. Summit 2 Cascade Mountains – I’ve always lived a few hours from Mt. Shasta in Northern California. Living within sight of a 14,000 ft. mountain is a challenge that I just couldn’t resist. So I climbed it one spring, then a few months later I summited Mt. Whitney as well. After standing on the top of those peaks, I now feel compelled to do it again. 


2. Hike 100 miles –

I’ve been hiking less in the last year, and I miss it for sure. There’s something amazing about carrying your home for the night with you, about unplugging and just getting away. Sometimes escaping to the wild helps to put priorities back in perspective so you can see what’s truly important (hint: it’s rarely your 9-5).


3. Introduce Something Incredible To Each Of My Girls –

I’ve been blessed with small adventurers that love to see new things. Their interest in the world is amazing, and the fact that there is so much out there they haven’t seen is inspiring to me. I will make it a priority to see wonder in their eyes this year,  it’s not only my goal to make that happen, it’s my responsibility.

Tantalus Mountains

4. Visit 25 New Places –By nature I’m an adventurer, I always have been. I climb, run, and explore everything I can. One reason is that this world is massive, intricate, and full of new places to see. There are at least 25 places I haven’t been that I will go see this year, and while some may take a journey to get to, others are perfectly close to home. Don’t assume that you need a plane (or even a car) to get you somewhere new and exciting. Take a close look around and you’ll find at least a dozen amazing things you’ve never seen.

Router Table

5. Upgrade Something Big In My Shop –

I spend a lot of time in my shop, it’s a place of creation for me and I’ve made it my own with plenty of tools and open spaces for large projects. Last year, I added a dust collection system, and upgraded my router table and bits to handle raised panels. This year I’ll be cleaning up the shelves with some nice cabinets, and if I can scrape together the dough I’ll be replacing my 10 year old cheap table saw with a sturdier model.

Bandsaw Cutting Metal6. Learn To Wrangle Metal –

I’ve always been more of a woodworking guy. Maybe it’s the smell of fresh sawdust, or just the depth that I get from wood projects that have kept me occupied up to now. But this year I’m going to jump in and start a few metalworking projects to round out my skills and bring some metal into my wood projects. I’ll likely start out with a small forge, an arc welder, and an anvil at some point soon. I won’t consider this goal completed until the fire department is called out at least once. (Kidding of course. Logic and Safety is always priority in my shop!)

New Zealand7. Leave The Country –

Last year, I renewed my passport for a last minute trip to Canada’s Squamish Mountains. I received my updated passport within a few days of leaving for the adventure. Now I have a brand new, almost empty passport book that needs a few interesting stamps. Challenge accepted. I’d love to find my way to New Zealand or South America for some outdoor adventure.

Now it’s time to chime in with your 2015 resolutions. What will be the highlights of your new year? It’s time to be adventurous and make the life you live something exceptional.