DIY Idea: You Should Frame Up Your Flat Screen

Framed Flat ScreenWhile that flat screen looks much better than the massive tube model that used to be there, hanging it on the wall doesn’t make it blend in. This simple reclaimed lumber frame makes it into something worth starting at.   It’s always bothered me to have a room designed around the TV. While we watch plenty of shows (Nashville and Blue Bloods at the moment), I like to turn off the screen and have the room still function as a space to relax and connect with my family. Hanging our shiny new flat screen on the wall freed up the floor but the black shiny plastic just didn’t match up with everything else. What to do? Frame it up with some reclaimed wood.

Flat Screen Wooden FrameThe folks over at Remodelaholic did a great job detailing how they took a few pieces of scrap and framed up their tech. A few things to remember, don’t forget a hole for power cables, and leave plenty of venting along the bottom and top to avoid overheating the TV. Plasma televisions especially need to be vented properly to avoid melting down.