Nov 05, 2014

ManMade Recommended: The Kreg Multi-Mark - A Super Useful Tool for Under $15

created at: 11/02/2014

I recently picked up this neat little tool after some raving reviews from fellow DIYers. It's quickly become a tool that I cannot live without and after you see what all it does, it'll become  an essential to your projects.   

created at: 11/02/2014

The Multi-Tool's biggest feature is the sliding and locking ruler that can affix at 90 and 45 degrees. This is great for finding square on cuts and transferring reference lines. 

created at: 11/02/2014

Perhaps my favorite feature is the sliding ruler that can lock at your desired length so you can transfer marks across multiple pieces or around a piece. I'm using it here to mark a lip around a box before I carve it out to make a salt box.

created at: 11/02/2014

This sliding feature is also perfect for measuring the height of the blade on your table saw.

created at: 11/02/2014

This can also be helpful in making sure you're making deep enough dado cuts like I'm using it here for a sliding box lid.

No review isn't complete with a few complaints. I must admit that this tool isn't perfect. I noticed that it definitely isn't a square measure made for precise woodcraft. It has a little bit of wiggle in the channels that can mess up the 90 degree angle. Also, the brass nob can sometimes get in the way with certain measurements that may be in tight spaces. However, I seriously love this tool for all of my basic DIY projects that require setting depth and consistent measurements. It's a sure bet for less than $15! 

 Grab one now: Kreg KMA2900 Multi-Mark 


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