How to: Faux Aged Metal Bookends

Faux Zinc Bookends

No matter how great a raw project turns out, we can all agree that adding finish is the when it finally pops. This tutorial is a fast and easy way to finish up letters (or any other decorative project) with a clean zinc finish.   Faux finishes are typically a pretty mixed bag. Rather than looking like the material or patina you’re going for, they can often just look like… a painted faux finish.

While I’m a fan of dark wood finishes, sometimes the harsh look of metal just fits better. I came across this fast overview while looking for a way to finish up some letters I built for a Christmas present. The fast application turn a cool looking set into something much more compelling. 

Zinc Letter Bookends

Chances are you have something right now that needs this treatment to make it really pop, so head over and take a look at the fast tutorial from Lori at Head Above Water . If you have more energy (and time) on your hands, try building The Faux Vintage Metal Sign.