Make Your Own Bow and Arrow

created at: 10/12/2014

As a kid, I had my own tiny bow and arrow set I would use to shoot elusive paper deer on a foam block. There was something satisfying about the manual skill it took to shoot an object one-hundred feet across the yard. Now that I’m older I can further that fascination by making my own bow to hunt down real dear.   

Hunting tools like the bow and arrow are as old as civilization itself. That being said, there’s a lot of opinions on the craft. This three part series on bow making does a great job of focusing on the basics and getting you to a final product while leaving out the centuries of method and craft. That being said, don’t expect to be the next Robin Hood with a gilded weapon, but definitely expect to impress your friends with the bearskin coat you will inadvertently have on over your shoulders after finishing this project.

Make your own bow and arrow

How to Make a Bow and Arrow from Survival Mastery