How To: Cement and Rope Door Stopper

Concrete and Rope Door Stopper

There are plenty of door stoppers out there, but most are made of rubber or cheap plastic. While the stoppers serve a purpose, they just don’t belong in a manmade home. These burly cement stoppers are are much better way to go.

A few of the doors in my house tend to swing about half closed when the weather turns cold outside. It must be from the humidity in my area, but for a handy guy, a half-closed door is a pain in my neck. These solid doorstops just look awesome, and for the rest of the year when the doors stay put on their own, I can throw them on the mantle as awesome decorative pieces. The materials used for the project are simply just a piece of rope, some concrete, and a few supporting items, so it’s a fair bet most of them are already in your shop right now. Take a look at the project over at HOMEmade here.

Cement and Rope Door Stop