Sep 26, 2014

How to: The Best Way to Reheat Pizza at Home

Friday pizza nights nearly always mean Saturday leftovers, which can almost be as much of a treat as the night before. While I've eaten my fair share of cold cheese slices, some more complex recipes deserve to be brought back to life in the way they were intended.    

Food52 put a couple methods to the test - the oven and whatnot - and determined the best way is actually a lidded skillet. The skillet's cook surface provides the heat to crisp up the crust, while the lid and a few drops of water bring the cheese and toppings back to life. Kinda like our method of frying an egg.

Check out the full details with an illustrated graphic at Food52: The Best Way to Reheat Pizza at Home

Happy Weekend!


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Anonymous on Oct 25, 2014:

Thank you, we always heat it in the micro. and it not good that way.