Sep 15, 2014

The 99%: Rotten Tomatoes' Highest Rated Movies Every Guy Should See

Movies every guy should see

Cool Material recently used a clever rubric to assemble a collection of films, and created a new take of "must-see" movies guys will enjoy. Rather than opting for the same ten films that have been postered on college dorm room walls with each new freshman class, they looked at Rotten Tomatoes scores - an amalgamation of critic reviews - and took at look at those who scored a 99 or 100%. Then, they created a recommended list from that proven list. They say, "it’s that illustrious group we call ‘The 99% Club’—the select group of movies that scored either 99% or 100% approval ratings—that we turn to time and time again. To give you an idea of how hard it is to achieve that kind of approval rating, consider the following that didn’t make the cut: The Shawshank RedemptionE.T.Saving Private Ryan. Of the elite group, these are our favorites."

There's a pretty good variety here, including some older films, which can be difficult for films released before the era of Rotten Tomatoes. So, the list does skew towards those from the last few years, but that's okay here, I think: it's a list of stuff you haven't seen yet, or classics you missed that are definitely worth investing in.

Check out the list at Cool Material: The 99%: Rotten Tomatoes' Highest Rated Movies Every Guy Should See




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Aaron on Apr 10, 2015:

I would say five off the top of my head, Dr. Strangelove, Vertigo, Lawrence of Arabia, Bridge on the River Kwia,Seven Samurai,

bruno on Apr 10, 2015:

@aaron - no offense taken. We just try to foster good discussion here. So, a comment saying "Those really are just some pretty good movies, but the list is missing X, Y, and Z" would be much more helpful. Feel free to list some of the ones you feel were missing!

Aaron on Apr 10, 2015:

Dear Bruno, sorry you are so offended. I did feel the need to capitalize bullshit for that comment. The issue I had with the list is the movies that were not on it. I understand that it is a matter of opinion, but it should be titled something different then something that every man should see. Like, "Some Pretty Good Movies for Men".

bruno on Apr 10, 2015:

@aaron - there's really no need to capitalize bullshit. Also, if you're going to use profanity, could you at least do us the favor of explaining yourself? I clicked the link; it wasn't a waste of time. Seemed like a perfectly good list to me (including a bunch of films I had never heard of or hadn't thought of in a while). 

Aaron on Apr 10, 2015:

This is absolute Bullshit. Do not go to the link. Complete waste of time.