Sep 08, 2014

How to: Make a DIY Leather Six-Pack Carrier for Your Bike

Here's a clever DIY project that solves a need, looks sharp, and can be completed in under 30 minutes with just a few tools. It's a leather frame strap, designed to attach a six pack to your bike's top tube for easy transport. The project is simple: take two belts, cut them to length, punch some new holes, and attach.

Of course, you'll want to be careful here; a pre-chilled six-pack could condensate and sacrifice the integrity of the cardboard. And, of course, the requisite - no drinking and biking. 

But, the idea is solid, and works well for all sorts of things. See?

See the full how-to at Instructables. And be sure to check the comments section for more tips: 6-Pack Beer Holder for Bicycle




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Lewis on Sep 11, 2014:

this definitely will not work. What keeps it from sliding back and forth while you ride. Also you would hit your legs against the 6pack with every. single. pedal. That is unless you somehow manage to ride with your knees pointed outward.

HardcorePrawn on Sep 11, 2014:

I can't see this working at all. Everytime I've had to carry a 6-pack like this I've had to hold it at the bottom as the cardboard is usually not strong enough to hold the weight of the bottles themselves.

This is likely to result in broken bottles, spilt beer, wet and/or cut legs, and possible damage to the bike.