Jun 16, 2016

How to: Make "Swedish Coffee" Over a Campfire without a Coffee Pot

I tried "cowboy coffee" exactly one time. That's the method where you simply put the coffee grounds into hot water, and use a combo of careful cup handling and your teeth to keep the grounds out of your mouth. I thought it seemed like an old school method worth trying on a camping trip, and I did. I've packed a small press pot with me ever since....

But this Swedish Coffee method sounds pretty interesting. You use something you likely already have at your camp breakfast - an egg - to harness the grounds and keep them out of your mouth. The process seems to work a bit like a consommé, where the egg proteins capture the impurities and clarify the liquid. 

Has anyone ever tried this? Check out C. W. “Butch” Welch's recipe on Best Made Projects


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