It’s Time You Learned About Watches

I’ve really been enjoying these illustrated walkthroughs from NeedSupply’s blog, where they venture in-depth to explore the history, mechanics, and materials that we use everyday. The eraof cell phones have replaced the watch for many, which is a shame; the watch isn’t just a source of the time, it’s also a style accesssory, a finishing piece, and a tiny bit of craftsmanship you can wear on your arm all the livelong day.

Author Samantha Wittweir states,

Horlogerie, or the art of fine watch making, has been the arena in which craftsman of the highest caliber have been able to exercise their precise art since the early 16th century. The wristwatch has become both a symbol of the well to do and an essential tool in every profession from banking to baking – an object imbued with both the loving attention of it’s craftsman and the poetic weight of time itself. This significance is what has allowed the popularity of the wristwatch to endure… Whether you are looking to invest in your first real wristwatch, or fix up your grandfather’s old piece which has neither ticked nor toc’d since Reagan was in office, there are a few terms you are going to need to know.

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