How to Build a Beautiful Patina on Leather Shoes and Boots

A new pair of shoes is a great thing, especially a quality pair with leather uppers that you plan to break in and wear for years. And they only get better with age, building character over time and conforming to the contours of your feet. Menswear blog Put This On offers some great tips to add that character by creating a patina that matches the style of shoe, and where you’ll wear it. 

Derek says, “As a guy who owns more footwear than he probably should, I’ve found that my best looking shoes aren’t the ones that were most expensive. They’re simply the ones I’ve owned the longest, and thus, have been worn the most. The nice thing about quality shoes is that they’re made from high-end, full-grain leathers, which not only last a long time, but also develop a beautiful patina.”

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