Use the Summer Cocktail Generator to Make Just the Right Drink

created at: 08/01/2014

Summer is the best time for trying all kinds of new, cold drinks. While winter drinks almost always warm you up, summer cocktails are much more context-specific: are you hanging out in the backyard on super hot day? Enjoying an early evening cookout? Staying out for fire-lit evening? There’s the right drink for that.    The teamed up with bartender Rosie Schaap to create the “What Are You Drinking?” generator, allowing you to select the style and setting for your cocktail, as well as which summer-y spirit on which you’d like it based. 

It’s fun to click around and try different ideas, and the “see all cocktails” page will actually allow you to peruse all the options and decide what sounds tastiest given the ingredients you have on hand.

Use it this weekend! What Are You Drinking? []