Aug 01, 2014

Weekend DIY Project: How to Stretch Your Own Canvas for Custom Art

created at: 08/01/2014

A stretched canvas is - poetically and literally - a blank space on which to apply original creative works: paintings, screen prints, photo transfers, spray painted stencils. They're a great way to add some custom wall art to your space, matched to the vibe of the room, it's color scheme, etc. Making your own not only saves you money (it does), but has another, and more important benefit: you can make your canvas whatever size you need. You're not limited to the standard sizes, and you can build what you need to fill that empty space on your wall, making your art work not only in style, but in scale. Win, win, win. 

created at: 08/01/2014

Dark Rye, the online magazine from grocer Whole Foods, has a complete how-to for this relatively simple DIY project. Connect your stretchers, staple the canvas, and make some art!

DIY Workshop: How to Stretch Your Own Canvas




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