Jun 29, 2010

America's Manliest Cities....Please Discuss.

created at: 06/29/2010

Combos (the filled preztel/crackery things) and researched Bert Sperling have just released the second edition of "America's Manliest Cities." The winner this year is Charlotte, North Carolina, with my own city of Columbus, Ohio in number two, and Kansas City, MO coming in third.

So, check out how they determine this: there are five criteria in which a city can be ascribed up to 100 points, based on per capita figures. They are the availability or consumption of

  • Sports - professional major league sports teams (football, baseball, basketball and hockey), the number of nearby NASCAR tracks and events, NHRA events, local drag racing strips, and monster truck events
  • US-made cars and full-size pickups registered in the city, membership in motorcycle owner groups, sports TV viewing, bowling, fishing, hunting, woodworking
  • Manly Retail Stores - BBQ and chicken wing restaurants, steak houses and sports bars, sportsman stores, general hardware and home improvement stores.
  • Manly Magazine Subscriptions - The percentage of households subscribing to manly publications like Sports Illustrated, Car & Driver, Maxim, Playboy, Men’s Health, Popular Mechanics, Boating, etc.
  • Salty Snack Sales 

Then, even more interestingly, there's the Kryptonite, or the "emasculating" categories, like number of minivans or foreign cars registered, and coffee shops and sushi joints, for which a city looses points.

I really wanna swear, but I won't. This kind of stuff is complete nonsense, and exactly the reason we started ManMade in the first place. Sushi is emasculating!?

Please share your response in the comments.

Mars.com - America's Manliest Cities


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Ben on Jun 30, 2010:

Yeah ... coffee shops? My favourite coffee shop in my city is a biker hangout ... how does that match up with their "emasculating" category? Also, with the inclusion of NASCAR, it is obviously a Southern-oriented manliness index.

Anonymous on Jun 30, 2010:

I was unaware that owning a US-made car is more manly than owning a foreign-made car.  What an enlightening study!

Nancy Day-Achauer on Jun 29, 2010:

I'm surprised they didn't include number of NRA members.  The criteria sounds very redneck to me. I know numerous "manly" men who dislike the majority of the things on the list.  My older brother (who has been in construction most of his adult life) dislikes most of the stuff on the list and no one would call him a sissy and if they did he would kick their ass. What a bunch of crap.