Jul 14, 2014

You Earned It Bottle Opener

"You Earned It" is a new bottle opener from Owen & Fred, makers of those awesome leather luggage tags.    They say, " A hulking mass of stylish perfection...Made of solid brass, in the USA. Sand-blasted and hand finished, it weighs in at a hefty half pound of brass.  The best part? Its the smoothest opening bottle opener we've ever used, and that's not just the post-work beer talking. 

Keep it on your counter, not in your drawer."

Looks to be $28.00 well-spent. You did, after all, earn it. 

You Earned It Bottle Opener - $28.00 at Owen&Fred.com 




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Chris on Jul 16, 2014:

@Bill - yeah, you could look at it that way. We're looking as a great curio and coversation item, and as a $28 piece of handcrafted design, made in America, from quality materials that will last forever. Plus, none of my favorite beers are sold in cans. I understand your point indeed, but we still dig it. 

Bill Hansen on Jul 16, 2014:

$28 for a bottle opener?  What a waste of money that could be spent on canned beers that require no tools to open.