To Make the Perfect Burger at Home, Don’t Ever Use the Grill

It seems like heresy, especially in the height of grilling season and particularly the day after Independence Day weekend, but if you want to make truly amazing burgers at home, don’t ever let them touch the grill. Well, touch the grill directly, that is. You can still cook outside using a grill as a heat source, but the patty itself should be cooked on that ManMade favorite: heavy duty cast iron.

The New York Times took to “Deconstructing the Perfect Burger,” and the results? 

“But the answer is simple, according to many of those who make and sell the nation’s best hamburgers: Cook on heavy, cast-iron pans and griddles. Cook outside if you like, heating the pan over the fire of a grill, but never on the grill itself. The point is to allow rendering beef fat to gather around the patties as they cook, like a primitive high-heat confit.”

Primitive high-heat confit? That sounds like burger-making magic to me. Read the full piece, and check the helpful video, at The New York Times: Deconstructing the Perfect Burger