This Song Has Been Playing Non-Stop in the ManMade Offices All Week…

Every year, on my birthday, my wife takes me to the record store and we pick out a new album as my official birthday present. It’s something we did by coincidence the first two years we were together, and it’s become our little tradition to make the day special and add to our LP library…the only physical media we keep in the house anymore, save for books.    

This year, I picked Lighght by Kishi Bashi. I’ve been playing it around the office this week, but I keep going back to this guy. It’s not the big single from the record, but, my goodness, it’s a catchy one. Make sure you give it until at least 1:20 before making up your mind. 

He’s stepping left and right, cha cha.  

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[top image via Consequence of Sound]