Stick With Me, Baby! Customize Your MacBook’s Apple with Stylish Stickers

created at: 06/28/2010

It used to be that you could simply show up at a coffee shop and whip out you silver PowerBook or just-cleaned white iBook and totally outshine the black Dells and Compaqs of those surrounding you, desperately trying to keep their wi-fi connected.

But, with the homogenization of MacBooks and Pros under a single design, and the fact the Apple’s laptops are outselling PCs in higher education settings, we’re swimming in a sea of silvery style.

Which is not a bad thing…but admit it, design blog readers – that white logo on polished aluminum in front of a Scandanavian white wall with perfectly placed colorful magazines is getting a little redundant.

Enter Stick with Me Baby – a Barcelona-based design company who make stickers to give your Apple apple some hair. ” We love technology, beauty and creativity. We also believe that nobody should have their self-expression stifled behind a silver Mac, just as we wouldn’t suggest dressing head to toe in beige. You use your Mac to express yourself, so why not do it on the Mac itself?

Stick with me Baby says hell no to boring and yes to creativity and fun! That’s what we do every day, and some hair for your laptop is a great place to start.”created at: 06/28/2010

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