Weekend Project: How to Make a Leather Wall-Mounted Knife and Tool Rack

Magnetic strips and drawers and knife blocks begone! This custom solution allows you to add some serious texture to your kitchen or workspace while protecting the edges of your tools – with a leather knife and tool rack.    

This project was spurred Alexa Hotz spied a leather tool rack on the side of cabinet in a magazine, and searched everywhere. When she realized it had to be have been a handmade effort, she sought to figure out the technique herself. 

She says, “I had to have one, so I made my own—and discovered that with a pliable piece of leather, it’s a pretty simple thing to create. And you can tailor each loop in the rack to fit your own needs—no advanced knife skills necessary.”

For durability and looks, you could switch out the thumbtacks for some wide-headed brass or copper nails, which would stick in the wood further and be less likely to work their way loose with repeated use. 

Get the full how-to at Remodelista: DIY: A Wall-Mounted Leather Knife Rack