Happy Hour: Up Your Summer Gin Cocktail and Make “The Stolen Negroni”

Summer weekends are the perfect time to test out a new cocktail. Stop by the store on the way home from work, grab a new bottle and some citrus, and spend the rest of the weekend gathering with friends and nailing it down, just right. 

This weekend, I’ll be trying out an update on my number one, very favorite, easy-to-order-cause-its-hard-to-mess-up-unless-they-shake-it cocktail, the Negroni, by cocktail blogger Emily Arden Wells. The traditional recipe is a summer 1:1:1 of London dry gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth. This twist by cocktail blogger subs the vermouth (sweet) and Campari (bitter) for Aperol and Cynar, both of which have a combo of bitter and sweet, so the complexity abounds. Stir it up, add a swath of orange peel, and go. I personally prefer  my Negronis in a rocks glass with ice because it helps maintain that cold, clear, heavy texture, but recipe calls to serve them up. Your call.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m not waiting for 5:00. I’ve got everything I need already, and it’s Friday. It’s awesome working from home.

Behind the Bar: Gastronomista’s Stolen Negroni [DesignSponge.com]