The History of the Pocket Knife

Most of us have a personal history of the pocket knife: that little folding multi-style you got after learning proper care in Cub Scouts, or perhaps a hand-me-down model from a relative. It went with you everywhere…well, everywhere it was appropriate for a little kid to carry a sharp object. And whether you still carry one everyday (I took nearly two decades off, but have recently moved it back into my daily carry items), there’s no denying its proven utility…utility that’s been appreciated for generations.

Cool Material takes a look at the complete history of the pocket knife. And by complete, I don’t just mean the last few centuries of variations on a design…I’m talking millennia.    created at: 05/06/2014

See? Fascinating. Then, everything changes in 1660.

A very worthwhile read. Check out the full visual history at Cool Material: The History of the Pocket Knife