DIY Project Inspiration: The Pack Series by Takehomedesign

pack series by takehomedesign

These simple images of the Pack series from Takehomedesign illustrates one of my favorite principles to create to make a huge difference in your decor:   wood grain + color.

Takehomedesign is a rad furniture studio that specializes in stylish, minimal furniture design. The extra touches of colour here add a vibrant touch to these mid-century inspired pieces. As you can see you don’t really need some huge and loud piece of furniture to make a statement when a few pops of hue will do.

If you’re looking to make your space more vibrant while maintaining a rustic, masculine look, this is guaranteed hit.. You can either get some of these great pieces OR you could upgrade your own with just a few tools like paint and brushes.

For example? Say you have a dresser that’s kinda outdated and makes you yawn ever time you see it. Simply paint the draws with color and boom, in less than 2 hours you got a new piece of furniture. Same for an old stool: paint the legs and call it a day.

If you want more inspiration or want to get your hands on some of these original designs, then visit Takehomedesign