Weekend Project: Perfect the Perfect Homemade Pizza

It’s that time of year when our special dinner nights are in that “in between” phase. Gone are the chili nights, the slow-cooked soups, and the long braises of winter, but it’s not quite time for all day cookouts, the throwing together a plate of summer produce and bread and just embracing the simplicity of the season.   created at: 04/25/2014

To which we say: good. Use this transitional time to nail down something technique-based, like perfecting homemade pizza. 

Bruno wrote up this tutorial years ago, but it’s still our go-to method for getting that just-so-blotchy crisp crust that eludes homemade pizza in a traditional oven. 

created at: 04/25/2014

The only update here is we now always use a cast iron skillet to get things really hot and evenly heated. 

Check out the ManMade guide here: How To: Unbelievable Pizza from Scratch and at Home