Weekend Project: Make a Sturdy Wooden Toolbox from Scratch

This weekend project is full of all the good stuff: it's practical, it's customizable, and it's a great way to practice and further your woodworking skills…with the very tools you'll store in it. The circle is closed.    Instructable-r blue-ice whipped up this design using poplar scraps and some easy-to-find hardware, held together with screws. I like the simple, but functional design, which works well, or could be applied to upgrading this project to more of an heirloom piece, using joinery or hidden screws, a hardwood case (like walnut) and brass hardware. 

He says,

Although the exact type and nature of the tools can vary from one hobby to another and one profession to another, this sturdy toolbox can be used to transport almost any piece of equipment. This toolbox is something that can be used for a long time, even if your interests change. Not only is versatility a key feature of this toolbox, but sturdy construction is also important. With 8 metal corners, and weatherproof wood glue, this toolbox can stand up to rough handling and a tough environment. Finally, the last main feature of this toolbox is its price. The total cost for me was less than $75, including some tool purchases. The amount of scrap wood from the project is also very small. Overall, this toolbox is a project that will further your woodworking skills and allow you to create something that will be useful and long-lasting.

Check out the full tutorial at Instructables. Happy weekend! Functional and Sturdy Wooden Toolbox