6 Classic Highball Cocktails that are Perfect for Spring

Spring isn’t the time for making complicated drinks…infusing spirits and boiling special syrups. It’s the season for getting outside as much as possible, enjoying the ever-later evenings, and embracing simplicity.    So, this time of year, we’re recommending highballs – those simple combos of a base spirit mixed with something bubbly and plenty of fresh, easy-drinking flavors. 

Last spring, I shared our “10 Highball Recipes Every Man Should Know” and today I’m passing along this great collection from BonAppetit.com, who say, “You don’t need a doctorate in mixology to up your cocktail game. You just need a tall glass, ice, spirits, and a little fizz. In other words, you need a highball—BA’s official drink of spring.”

Me too, BA. Me, too. 

6 Highball Cocktails That Are Perfect for Spring 

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