Mar 12, 2014

Blow My Mindsday: March 12, 2014

Each Wednesday, I post some of my favorite can't-miss links, images, and otherwise mindblowing goodies from across the web.

created at: 03/12/2014

Creative duo Caitlin Levin and Henry Hargreaves created this series of food maps inspired by their own passion for travel. Each state or country's border is filled with foods that represent their agricultural or food manufacturing industry. 

created at: 03/12/2014

I just wish there were a little more info about what each food items actually is. See more at Hargreaves and Levin. [via JunkCulture

This clever ad suggests how folks get around in Woodstock, KY. Silly, but fun. 


created at: 03/12/2014

The Creative Freedom Guide seems worth a look.


Nashville-based artist Herb Williams likes to work in crayons...


created at: 03/12/2014

A case for the before AND after dinner drink at Valet. 




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