10 Indoor DIY Projects to Get Ready for Outdoor Camping Season

created at: 03/05/2014

Spring is here, and soon summer. And with them comes all sorts of reasons to get outside and explore. So, take advantageof these last few weeks by prepping yourself and your outdoor gear ready for all those adventures to come. 

Backpacker magazine has assembled ten projects that you can create in a weekend that’ll pay off on the trail. There are gear-based projects, like creating your own sleeping bag liner or an alcohol stove, to creating a storage workbench for stashing and fixing your supplies, and a few projects dedicated to making the trip a bit more enjoyable, like my favorite: how to build a backcountry bar kit. 

I like how they put together a few staples, and then provide a drink recipe agenda to last during 3-4 night trip.

Backpacker‘s web site leaves something to be desired, but the tips and projects here are solid. Go check them out, and we’ll see you out there:

Top 10 Indoor DIY Projects for Backpackers  

Top photo from the ManMadeDIY Instagram page. Come say hi!