Modern and Masculine Lighting by Tudo and Co.

Okay. Whoa. Just stumbled across a cool new store with awesome lighting products and plenty of inspiration.

While going on a safari through the vast plains of the Etsy landscape, I found Tudo and Co, a Shanghai-based Etsy shop that specializes in modern lighting.

Decanter pendant lights

These decanter pendant lights are my favorites. The design is stylish, plenty mod, with a touch of Mad Men class.

If you’re more of a minimal-design person, then this one below is for you:

black cage pendant light

Clean shapes and simple colors are the way to go. This diamond shaped pendant light is a subtle statement and can be the answer to your “ugh, this room needs….omethin'”

And there’s also a few rustic choices, like these ones below that reminds of of wire egg baskets (above).

Have you made your own lighting? If you do and have some advice for beginners, let us know! 

See more at Tudo and Co.