Things We Love: The National Park Blankets from Pendleton Woolen Mills

Pendleton Woolen Mills is family-owned operation that have been making high-quality virgin wool goods since 1909 in Oregon’s Blue Mountains. Since their early days, the company has been producing a series of blankets to honor some of the National Parks in the Western United States.    

The series has everything we love about Pendleton – long-lasting, heritage items made by family-owned companies – combined with our commitment to the outdoors and a celebration of that brilliant piece of inspiration: the Bureau of Land Management and America’s National Park system. What’s not to like?

You may have seen the iconic stripes of the Glacier National Park blanket (or recognize its similarity to the Hudson’s Bay point blanket), but the series also includes Yellowstone, Acadia, Grand Canyon, Rainier, Badlands, Yosemite, and Crater Lake. 

You can learn more about each at Pendleton, and find a full/queen in each pattern at Amazon for just under $200 with free shipping. Sure, it’s an investment, but so are most of the best things, and they’ll last a century, at least. 

Pendleton National Parks Blankets – Starting at $188

[Photos: Pendleton blog,, Canoe]