How To: Make a Cardboard Animal Bust

Assemble your bust!I’ve been eyeing the assemble-at-home laser-cut cardboard animal busts from Cardboard Safari for the last few months. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to do it on my own, but could never quite get how to get that exploded-diagram look while still creating a supportive structure.

But, thankfully, young Instructables member and juggler TheGnome54 has figured out a fine method, and has shared it with the DIY community. “I had a large cardboard box lying around that I really wanted to make something out of, and I happened across this website: Inspired by their products, I decided to design and create my own cardboard animal bust.  It was a pretty fun process with a satisfying result, so I thought I’d share my experience. I decided to make a giraffe because their horns and head shape are iconic and would hopefully be recognizable even if I messed up a bit.  In order to create the bust, you’ll need to have a good concept of the 3-d shape of the animal head.  I just looked at lots of pictures of giraffes from different angles, until I felt that I had a good idea of what they were shaped like.”   

Here’s how: Make a Cardboard Giraffe Bust (or any other animal!)

For a similar idea, check out this original ManMade video: How to Make a Faux-Wood Deer Head Silhouette