A Sharp Office Makeover, Complete with a DIY Retractable Standing Desk (IKEA Hack)

created at: 01/16/2014

Brooklyn-based artist, designer, and tinkerer Kelli Anderson had an amazing studio/office space with lots of useable work surfaces…which were ever topped and filled with clutter and creative detritus. So, she decided to trade in her classic door-and-filing-cabinet combo of a desk for a proper, organized solution. 

The new wall-long desk is built around mounted cabinets from IKEA topped with a solid white acrylic countertop from Lowe’s. 

But the real centerpiece is this built-in standing desk, that raises and lowers itself via a liner actuator. It allows the computer portion of the desk to sit flush with the surface for general use, but then rise to standing height at the push of a button.

Cool, right? 

See Kelli’s full makeover, complete with DIY acrylic file organizers and lots of process photos, at her site:

A Stand-up Desk (Ikea hack) [KelliAnderson.com]