How To: Make Sugared Cranberries

sugared cranberries recipe

My oh my, what to do with all of those cranberries in the fridge left from Christmas dinner? Sugar them!

The holiday season might be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you can’t extend the snacking. Right?

This recipe for sugared cranberries from Bakers Royale is soooo easy to make, seriously, you can almost make it with your eyes closed (you shouldn’t tho).

You can these sweet crans to accompany salads or – our favorite – for cocktails for NYE. Since there’s quite a lot of sugar in there, they’ll last for a while so you can keep them in your fridge even after the holidays are done (while you’re depressed in january wishing you were napping in the couch).

Get the whole recipe and step-by-step over at Bakers Royal.