Masculine Bedroom Design Inspiration: Shades of Gray

Bedroom inspiration

Sometimes we forget that our bedroom is one of the key areas of our living space – if not the most important. If you’re still sporting an 1998 edition IKEA duvet and mismatched pillows that were hand-me-downs from your previous roommates, then it’s time to upgrade. 

An easy way to this is by choosing one of the most versatile, masculine, modern palettes out there: gray.

Gray is one of the best colors you can choose to build the foundation for new decor. It’s neutral enough and cool grays are calming and relaxing (important for sleep). And, you can always add pops of color here and there to 

Regardless of the hues of grey you choose, remember to always keep it clean and minimal…which also translates to less cleaning.

To get you started on the new look:

  • New duvet cover (dark gray)
  • Grey pillows (lighter hues)
  • Light grey curtains
  • Black  and charcoal sheets
  • Black, white, and wood tone accent pieces (night table, lamp, headboard).

Oh, and if you dig that headboard, check out this DIY version

Dude. Seriously, you’ll feel so much better once you invest a little time in your own sanctuary, you’ll sleep better and you won’t have to close the door because you’re embarrassed to show your friends your Spiderman sheets.

Have fun!

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