Shenyang: An Interactive 3D Gallery Where You Play with the Paintings

Shenyang art gallery in China

The Shenyang Gallery is currently showing a series of interactive 3D paintings where the audience is encourage to be part of the art work. Kicking it with Bruce Lee? Dione!

This is an awesome way to introduce people to art and culture; it’s like a science museum, for grown ups. I And let’s face it, it kinda sucks that we can’t touch most of the art (and for a good reason), so being this up close to original paintings is quite the privilege.

Shenyang art gallery in China

And hey why not taking this as inspiration for a photo booth? Perhaps looks for an image and print it on a huge poster, use it as a background, add a few props and bam! Your guests will definitely have fun for a while.

To see the full article, visit CJWHO on tumblr (such a good art/design blog, by the way!).