How to: Make a DIY Reversible Bow Tie from Old Neck Ties

created at: 11/11/2013

Jason Loper – founder of Captain Dapper and friend of ManMade – figured out this excellent technique for turning old worn out neck ties (hit the thrift store!) into stylish DIY bow ties. It’s a simple matter of removing the existing stitches in the tie, adding that classic bow tie pattern, then sewing everything back up. Since it’s customized, you can sew your tie to the exact size of your neck, making the scale work for you, every time. 

Jason says, “My friend Travis loves these two old ties but they’re too wide to be on trend. Wanting to re-use the fabric, Travis came to me with a request to turn these old dated ties into stylish new bow ties bow ties. Ask and you shall receive, my friend. This is a perfect job for Captain Dapper! Before I started, I created a paper pattern by placing one of my store bought bow ties on a piece of Kraft paper and then tracing around it. Once I cut the paper pattern out, I was ready to get started.”

If you don’t have a bow tie to use as a pattern, there are hundreds free for download all over the internet.

Check out the full process – Dapper DIY: Turning Two Dated Old Ties Into One Reversible Bow Tie