How to: Make Edible Spoons – The Perfect Holiday Treat!

Edible Spoons DIY

A utensil that can be eaten = less cleaning and more food. Sign us up!

Scissors, Paper, Wok may have created the perfect holiday treat: edible spoons! I know, sounds crazy right? But just look at that picture, don’t they look delicious? Since they’re pretty neutral, you can use them on almost anything (sweet or savoury), and as we mentioned, you don’t have to worry about having enough of those Asian-style soup spoons to serve every bite.

Mind you, they suggest yo buy a Edible Spoon Making Kit, but I’m pretty sure you can find a substitute for it: a cookie cutter, some aluminum foil, etc

Oh and another bonus, you don’t need to prepare any dough from scratch! All you need is a loaf of your favorite sliced bread and you’re good to go! This is where you can get creative though. Instead of using just regular white bread, why not getting some rosemary rustic bread? Or Cinnamon/raisin and add some creme cheese?.

If you do end up getting the kit, then there’s even a video tutorial with tips to help you make the perfect edible spoon.

For full instructions, read this post by Scissors, Paper, Wok