Food Preserving 101: An Easy Introduction to Process Canning

Easy canning guide

With fall in full swing, the world is full of harvest produce. And the best way to preserve that abundance? Canning time! Learn how to do it at home with easy step-by-step guide.

Rebecca Gallop created this easy canning guide for West Elm’s blog Front & Main. It has all the info you need to know for preparing, cleaning, and pickling your favourite foods.

A few basics needed for canning:

  • Mason or any kind of canning jar in different sizes
  • Brine/pickling mix
  • Food of your choice (best are beans, eggs, chilies and of course, pickles!)

There’s nothing better than preparing a whole batch of pickled stuff – it’s almost as having a trophy for your hard work. Another benefit: they are perfect as a holiday gift! I’m serious. I have a few friends that spend a whole day doing this, then drive around delivering delicious canned goods to their friends. Thoughtful and delicious!

Oh and hey, you can always use them as decoration too, just place them strategically in your kitchen counter and you’ll achieve a very “Kinfolk mag” look.

For full details, steps, and ingredients read Front & Main’s Easy Autumn Canning Guide