8 Tasty Fall Soups to Make this Weekend

created at: 10/11/2013

Look, there’s nothing new to say about how amazing a warm, filling bowl of soup tastes during these crisp fall days. Autumn is awesome, soup is awesome, and there’s no time like this weekend to whip some up. Or, try what I do: do the prep work for two or three recipes at a time, and make a double batch of everything. We do two on the stove and one in the slow cooker (see here) and then freeze a whole buncha portions for lunches and quick dinners over the next few months. 

1. Spoon Fork Bacon offers a trifecta of flavors: pumpkin, beer, and cheese soup. 

2. Ummm… sausage and sauerkraut stew with duck fat dumplings? Don’t mind if I do…

3. A pureed, perfected take on the classic combo: broccoli and cheese soup. Lots of flavor and great texture without needing any heavy cream. 

4. Another homemade take on a classic: baked potato soup with all the fixings.

5. This might be the one I’m most excited to try: Soup Crasse. “Typically made with day-old bread or breadsticks during the holidays, this northern Italian specialty comes out like a luscious casserole of melted cheese and bread.” Indeed.

6. This recipe for short rib and barley stew plays with the standard combo of beef and barley, and then makes it taste a whole, whole bunch better. 

7. This wild rice and mushroom soup gets an earthy kick from, get this: maple syrup. I’m going for it.

8. Lastly, a split pea soup with a cool addition: grilled. cheese. croutons.

Happy weekend, and happy fall!