The Process: Making an English Longbow from Scratch

With the summer Olympics in full swing, it’s time to start paying attention to one of the many sports that most of us barely remember until this time every four years: archery. (We love you too, steeplechase and race walking.) As an ancient sport dating back some 64,000 years, the bow and arrow’s construction has understandably undergone some manufacturing changes. But not for John Neeman Tools…    The fellows at John Neeman Tools truly are master-craftsmen in every sense of the word; here they take you through the entire process of producing a period English longbow by hand. We’ve covered some of their other process videos before and as can now be expected this one is just stunningly shot and utterly engrossing. Check it out below.

The Birth Of A Weapon. Part I. English longbow making. from John Neeman Tools on Vimeo.